Oilfield Equipment Sales

Reconditioned Pumping Units Include:

New saddle, tail and wrist pin bearings and seals, gear box flushed and inspected, fix any problems found, put new oil in gear box, new bridle cable, grease lines plumbed to ground, includes belt guard and crank arm guard, ladder and painted to customer specs.

Rebuilt Engines Include:

New radiator, Emco carburetor, electronic ignition, muffler, stainless steel clutch plates, new rings and bearings, rebuilt head and new oil and antifreeze.

Pumping Units For Sale

Quantity Model Description Price
(1) 160-212-64 EMSCO FWB $22,500
(1) 80-133-54 EMSCO FWB $19,850
(1) 114D-125-54 Bethlehem FWB $20,500
(1) 114-173-64 American FWB $24,500
(1) G228-213-86 American FWB $40,500
(1) C114-143-64 Lufkin FWB $24,850
(2) G160-173-74 American FWB $33,500
(1) 320-213-120 American FWB $53,850
(1) 228-246-86 Oilwell FWB $38,500
(1) 228-213-86 Lufkin/Bethlehem FWB $38,500
(1) 160-200-74 Lufkin FWB $33,500

* Used pumping units are fully reconditioned, carry a limited, one-year warranty, and are ready to go. Prices and inventory are subject to change.