Oilfield Trucking Services

Panhandle Trucking has 25 years experience servicing the trucking needs of our oilfield customers. We have the equipment to meet all your oilfield needs. We have the capability to transport and store facilities infrastructure, pipe, tubing, aggregate and other raw materials.

From cranes to flatbeds to hotshot services, we are able to get your equipment safely loaded, moved and unloaded on-site to meet your schedule. With over 200 vehicles and yards in 6 states across the country we are the company to get the job done.

Panhandle Oilfield Services Company, Inc. has locations in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Utah, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. All locations are strategically located to service the oil & gas industry. For more information, contact us at (620) 624-6023 and ask for the Trucking Manager.

Our Trucking Fleet Includes

  • Belly dump trailers
  • Lowboy trailers
  • Flat bed trailers / fork lifts
  • Winch trucks
  • Water hauling and vacuum trucks
  • OTR
  • Hot shot service

Cranes and Winch Trucks

POSCI has the resources to meet your lifting needs with fully NCOO certified crane operators and riggers. Our crane/lift operations are not limited to the oilfield industry. We are able to meet your needs in construction, industrial and transportation industries just to name a few. POSCI has a fleet of winch trucks that can meet all oilfield needs such as:

  • Setting large and small pumping units
  • Cement pads
  • Compressors
  • Moving any type of heavy equipment

All of our winch trucks are equipped with lowboy trailers.

Vacuum Trucks

POSCI has a modern fleet of vacuum trucks to meet your water hauling and fluid disposal needs. Our trucking manager coordinates all jobs, ensuring a single point of accountability and reducing the administrative burden for our customers.

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