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Pump Off Controllers


The PLS system calculates a downhole card by solving the 1D wave equation using
the directly measure surface load and position as the initial boundary conditions.


  • DOWNHOLE or SURFACE control
  • Direct measurement of load and position for accurate determination of pump intake pressure
  • MODBUS protocol with added features
  • Remote emergency shutdown (ESD)
  • Color touch screen, sunlight-readable
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Supports polished rod load cell
  • Reduces or eliminates fluid pound
  • Supports hall elect position sensor
  • Supports tubing and casing pressure transducers
  • Supports tubing, casing, and vibration switches
  • Spare I/O analog and digital
  • Minimizes mechanical stress on equipment
  • Reduces power consumption
  • Minimizes equipment wear
  • Maximizes run times
  • Flexible configuration
  • Simple operation and setup, decreases startup time
  • Programmable restart function
  • Auto restart after power loss or fault condition
  • NEMA4 Steel 20″* 16″ *8″ enclosure
  • Prewired to control terminal blocks for easy field installation

With optional Wi-Fi, get secure
wireless access from your PC or
Apple browser or Android app!