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Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

Variable Frequency Drives


Panhandle Lift Solutions (PLS) is dedicated to better serving you — we’re delivering enhanced control and reliability of our advanced VFD solutions. PLS VFDs provide powerful control solutions that give you complete control over your well performance and improves the operation of your artificial lift equipment. With a user-friendly, intuitive interface, managing your well has never been easier.

VFD Features:
  • NEMA 3R Enclosure with mounting feet rated to 50C
  • 208 tp 480 volt 50/60HZ Single or Three Phase Power
  • 3% Line Reactor
  • Panel Heater
  • Lightning/Surge Arrestor
  • Expandable Digital I/O
  • Expandable Analog I/O
  • Main Circuit Breaker Disconnect
  • Internal Harmonic Filter (Option)
  • UL Listed (Option)
  • SCADA Interface/Remote Data Management
  • High Visibility Exterior Status Light
  • Additional Options Upon Request
Invest in the Future and
Take Control of Your Operations.

Unlock the maximum potential of your operations with our cutting-edge Wi-Fi-enabled VFD. With a maximum capacity of 900 horsepower, it delivers unparalleled performance in even the harshest environments while maintaining a constant torque output.

Our VFD is the perfect tool to take your operations to the next level, featuring advanced lightning and surge protection and total SCADA compatibility. Plus, our state-of-the-art thermostat-controlled POC system is designed to improve production and keep your pumping units running at peak efficiency while minimizing operational costs.

Panhandle Lift Solutions
VFDs bring a range
of powerful features:

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about our VFDs features.

Unique Heat Tube

The unique heat tube efficiently dissipates heat, requiring fewer filters and fans.

PLC-Based Controls

Keypad operator, HOA switch and potentiometer are standard. Touchscreen and application-specific controls available.

Remote Access Wi-Fi
Pump Off Controller

Touchscreen Wi-Fi enabled on-site well-management technology for off-site monitoring of diagnostics, helps eliminate well downtime and maintenance.

Available with Major VFD Brands

Available with major industry brands such as Fuji and Schneider.

Safe Maintenance

Disconnect circuit breakers in hip box allows operator to shut off power and remove voltage safely from the interior of the main enclosure, for safer maintenance and easier lockout.

Power Quality Options

Line reactors are standard on all PumpMaster™ drive panels. Other options include harmonic filters and sine wave filters.

Gasketed Enclosure

Fully gasketed enclosure with continuously welded seams for protection in the field.