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Tubular Inspection & Storage

Tubular Inspection & Storage

A Dirty Job Always Done Right

You can trust Panhandle’s certified inspectors and trained helpers to ensure that your casing going downhole is in great condition. Panhandle’s mobile crews can perform an inspection at the rig site or in the yard.

Trusted to Store and Handle Your Pipe Professionally

Handling and storing pipe is both an art and a science. It takes experience and commitment to best practices to ensure your casing stays is stored correctly, kept in great condition, is accounted for in your inventory, and is ready when you need it.

Inspection Services

  • Field CVD and EMI inspection
  • BHA Inspection
  • Drill Pipe Inspection

Tubular Logistics

  • Pipe Storage
  • Inventory Management with Tubular Data Systems
  • Loader Operators

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