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Enhanced Geometry RM


Working best in wells deeper than 8,000 ft., Enhanced Geometry (API Rear Mounted with Phased Cranks or RM)
units are designed to be almost 10% more productive and efficient than conventional pumping units


  • Phased angle cranks create an upstroke over 190˚ of Crank Rotation, Maximizing Pump Fillage and Minimize Costs.
  • Phased-Counterbalance Movements Improve Energy Efficiency.
  • Reduced Horsepower and Torque Requirements – allow smaller gearbox than conventional units.
  • Safer to work around – more open space near wellhead


  • Designed to Exceed API 11E Standards
  • Tough Double Reduction, Double Helical Involute Gearing Design
  • Oversize Structural Beams
  • Easy Counterweight Adjustment
  • Sizes Range from 456 to 1280

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