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The most versatile pumping units suitable for most any well including vertical, horizontal, heavy oil, or high-gas wells.
Pumpjacks are considered “The Workhorse” of the oil and gas industry.


  • Gear Reducers designed for Dependable, Long Operating Life
  • Safer to Operate – redesigned with safe operations in mind
  • Easier to Maintain – leverages components common to other pumping unit brands
  • Quality You Can Rely On – manufacturing exceeds API specs
  • Can Operate As Low As 1 Stroke Per Minute – gaining additional production and longer well life


  • Dual Direction Crank Rotation – can operate clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • Involute Double Helical Gearing Design
  • Center Bearing Assembly with Railroad Bearings
  • Hinge-Pin Style Tail Bearing Assembly
  • Crank Arms with Permanent Tapered Inserts – no keyway
  • Assembled and Tested before leaving the factory
  • Sizes Range from 40 to 1824

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