Safety Culture – Panhandle Oilfield Services

Safety Culture


Every Team Member is trained and expected to be a Safety Leader at Panhandle. We embody what our long-time safety and leadership mentor, Charles Rhodes, taught us – “Safety Leaders are not determined by power or position, they are determined by action.”

The Panhandle Team Lives Its Core Values


#1  SAFETY – Safety is always first…the most important thing we do each day is make sure everyone gets home safely…we stop the job if it can’t be done safely. 

#2  EMPLOYEES – We take care of each other and work together.

#3  CUSTOMERS – By taking care of safety and our employees, we can give our customers the outstanding service quality they deserve.

#4  BUSINESS GROWTH/PROFIT – By focusing on Safety, Employees, and Customers in that order  together we will drive Panhandle’s business growth and be able to employ more people.

Backing the Team Up With a Comprehensive Safety Program

STOP WORK COINS – Every Panhandle team member carries a Stop Work Coin and commits to stopping the job when necessary.

KPA FLEX EHS SOFTWARE – Everyone on the Panhandle Team uses KPA to manage their training and safety on a daily basis for JSA’s, Hazard Observations, safety alerts, and more!

COMMITTED TO SAFETY TRAINING – Everyone at Panhandle attends monthly safety training sessions and quarterly townhalls with senior management focused on safety.

FIELD AUDITS – All Panhandle crews are audited in the field by the EHS Team at least once per month to ensure they are complying with Panhandle’s requirements both for outstanding safety and service quality.

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